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Post 1 of series: Why construction contractors should take advantage of Matterport technology

Reason 1: Minimize Site Visits

Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, new limitations on access to construction sites have begun to arise. The "COVID-19 Guidance for the Construction Workforce" produced by OSHA directs us to "Keep in-person meetings (including toolbox talks and safety meetings) as short as possible, limit the number of workers in attendance, and use social distancing practices." Although the country is starting to open back up, I do not anticipate a "return to business as usual". After the 911 attacks, the airline industry was forever changed. Increased security measures were enacted industry wide. This made traveling less fun and more time consuming. It also made traveling more safe. Something similar is going on in the AEC industry as we speak. Companies are downsizing, altering their business models and making drastic changes to their workflows. The construction industry is now forced to embrace working remotely and minimizing site visits. The Matterport platform is the ideal platform for helping the construction industry transition from onsite collaboration to online collaboration.

With a Matterport Digital Twin, you can visually inspect the site as if you were actually there. No need to sift through hundreds of job-site photos that were taken without any context. The Matterport Pro2 provides high definition 4k imagery. This means if a construction site is scanned properly, the viewer will have the ability to read labels and markings. Also, viewers have the ability to take measurements accurate to within 1% of reality. The scanned space is hosted in the cloud so it has no weight. Laser Scan files require expense software and technical know how for processing and the output file is very heavy. These laser scan files can be several gigabytes. The Matterport Digital Twin is hosted on the Matterport platform and can be viewed and shared via a web link. Once your site is scanned, you can use the digital twin produced to collaborate with team members via video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Go-to-Meeting and Microsoft Teams. If your company does not want to invest the time and effort necessary to acquire the equipment and train personnel, The Matterport Service Partner network can be leveraged to gain access to high quality Matterport service providers all over the country. You can have your site scanned without ever physically visiting it.

Example Matterport Digital Twin Below:

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